The History of Hotels

The history of hotels has been interlocked with that of civilizations, for as long as man has existed facilities for travellers and visitors to eat and rest have always been there. Earlier than Biblical times evidence shows that there has both been rudimentary and opulent accommodation for rent from the ancient Greeks to the Romans. […]

Luxury Hotels in Paris

Paris is without doubt one of the most glamorous cities in the world, it has resisted architecture that does not befit its cultural and aesthetic values and therefore has retained its stature as the most romantic city in the world. Some of the finest hotels and restaurants adorn the boulevards and avenues of Paris and […]

Famous French Hotels

As a nation the French have always been proud of their hospitality, from superb dining establishments to fantastic hotels. There really is no such thing as the archetypal French hotel as they vary from very swanky five-star establishments right to country gates and everything in between. In this blog we look at some of the […]